Strengthen your corporate branding with corporate clothing

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There are many small, medium and large businesses in South Africa that have made corporate clothing compulsory for their employees. Business is as competitive as ever and not only do you want your business and brand to make a good impression, but you also want to stay ahead of the competition and remain top-of-mind. By incorporating corporate clothing into your corporate culture and branding strategy, you will have the power to increase sales and profits as well as save money on advertising costs.


Ten tips on business branding

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If your business want to build, maintain, and develop and strong brand you are going to need to focus a lot of time and energy into what your customers want and expect from you, as well as how you are going to meet or exceed those expectations. All your business branding activities need to be consistent and accurately portray your business values. To ensure that your corporate branding has the required effect and promotes your business vision, you need to be consistently communicating your brand values internally to your staff and externally to customers and prospects.


Why corporate clothing should be a priority for your business

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Corporate  clothing and corporate branding play a major role in today’s world of business. Currently in South Africa, businesses both big and small are making it mandatory for their employees to wear uniforms to the office every day. So what are the reasons for the emergence of this trend?


You may not have realised it yet, but having employees wear uniforms proudly displaying their brand, can have a profound effect on both the employer and employee alike.



BEE Bluetooth speaker

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It’s here! The “Bee” series gesture control multimedia Bluetooth speakers, which forms part of the Sporting Images promotional products and corporate gifts portfolio, brings hand gesture control making your audio experience that much easier. The multimedia Bluetooth speaker provides wonderful, clear crisp audio, with capacitive touch buttons (audio up & down) and “M” button for motion ‘off’ and ‘on’. The built in 360 degree microphone allows you to communicate with incoming calls (or outgoing if you dial them). Incoming numbers are announced, audio music is paused during a conversation, and then automatically resumes at the end of the call.