Why corporate clothing should be a priority for your business

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Corporate  clothing and corporate branding play a major role in today’s world of business. Currently in South Africa, businesses both big and small are making it mandatory for their employees to wear uniforms to the office every day. So what are the reasons for the emergence of this trend?


You may not have realised it yet, but having employees wear uniforms proudly displaying their brand, can have a profound effect on both the employer and employee alike.


Corporate clothing has and will always be one of the most proven, successful marketing strategies out there. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but it is also more accessible than ever before. It offers a range of benefits that simply cannot be compared to any other type of marketing activity.


If you have a business that is considering adding corporate clothing into your marketing and advertising budgets, but are not 100% convinced, then here are some strong reasons why corporate clothing, corporate gifts and promotional products need to be included in those budgets:


  • FREE Advertising - Corporate clothing acts as FREE walking advertisements for your company. It is truly remarkable when you realise just how much traffic your brand and logo get exposed to every few minutes, and for FREE! Advertising today is expensive, whether you are doing online advertising, print or media, you will pay hefty fees. What’s more, is that not everyone is guaranteed to see your advertisement and at most, it will only run for a few weeks, and then you have to place a new ad and pay again. If there was one compelling reason to wear uniforms, it would be for advertising. Your brand, name and logo get more exposure than you can imagine, because every time your employee steps out the office, whether to a restaurant, bank, bus or train, gym, or mall your branded clothing is advertising your company at no cost. Now who would not want that!
  • Promotes a Feeling of Equality – Corporate clothing brings a wide range of benefits in the workplace. Firstly, and probably most importantly, it offers consistency among the dress code of employees and brings everyone to the same platform, promoting and creating a feeling of equality. Secondly, when you have employees that look and feel smart, you have confident employees, which will no doubt encourage overall team spirit. Happy and confident employees are much more productive, and this will foster a much healthier corporate image throughout the company.
  • Customers Trust Corporate Uniforms – It is a fact that customers are more motivated to trust employees in smart uniforms, than those in regular clothing. If you are wondering why? Well, apart from being identifiable, corporate clothing ensures a classic and presentable look, which affords employees a certain amount of authority and respect. Customers perceive smartly dressed employees in uniforms as being competent professionals, whom they feel more comfortable and confident doing business with.


So there you have it, some commendable reasons why you should make corporate branding and clothing a top priority in your advertising budget this year. Now, your next step is to choose a reliable corporate clothing supplier, such as Sporting Images, who can be trusted to deliver variety, quality and quantity.

About Sporting Images

Sporting Images is a Cape Town based supplier of high quality corporate clothing and gifting. Our areas of specialty are in branded clothing, branded head wear, sports brands and sports wear, promotional products and corporate gifts. We have a substantial amount of experience and expertise in all the above listed branding categories in both the corporate and advertising industries.

Here at Sporting Images we are very proud of our work. We provide expert and professional advice in all areas related to branding and will source and supply just about any product you need to get your business visible. Size doesn’t matter to us, so no matter if your order is big or small we will delivery anywhere in South Africa at a very competitive rate.

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