Laser Engraving

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During laser engraving, a logo is burned into the product with a laser replicating the logo with precise accuracy. Using this technique burns off the top layer of the product revealing the layer beneath, therefore the colour of the engraving will be determined by the colour of the underlying layer.

This process is a permanent method of branding and the tonal shades make it an upmarket, subtle choice.


There are 2 types of laser engraving machines: 


YAG laser engraving

Used for engraving metal items like pens, keyrings, mugs, flasks, knives & torches.


Co2 laser engraving 

Used for engraving organic & coated items like leather folders or wooden boxes


Laser Engraving


Preparing of artwork for laser engraving

Preparing the artwork in order for it to be used for laser engraving:

  • 1 colour vector format, or high-res black & white jpeg


Limitations of laser engraving

  • Limited physical size of branding on products
  • A flat, solid surface is preferred
  • Cannot brand fabrics and plastics
  • Fine detail may not show, depending on the item


Advantages of laser engraving

  • Can brand all metal items
  • Decent turn-around time
  • Looks professional and classy


Formats supported for doming:
PDF | AI | CDR | Hi-Res Jpeg, Black & White
ALL to be for PC NOT MAC