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There are many small, medium and large businesses in South Africa that have made corporate clothing compulsory for their employees. Business is as competitive as ever and not only do you want your business and brand to make a good impression, but you also want to stay ahead of the competition and remain top-of-mind. By incorporating corporate clothing into your corporate culture and branding strategy, you will have the power to increase sales and profits as well as save money on advertising costs.

The effectiveness of corporate clothing simply cannot be undermined, but what is important is for businesses of all sizes to understand the benefits of branded clothing as an advertising and branding opportunity. When it comes to the professionalism of your employees and how they look and feel there are few elements that can create a sense of cohesion like corporate clothing. There are also the obvious company benefits in that employees will by flying the businesses name high on a daily basis. If you are a business owner on the fence about whether you should introduce uniform culture to your employees, take a look at its incredible benefits first and then you decide.


  • Consistency – it is a known fact that first impressions are what stay in the mind, and the way that your employees look creates an image of your business and brand that they will learn to associate with. The dress code of your employees can either assist your brand or damage it and corporate wear is a great way to eradicate short skirts, tight tops, old jeans, rock band T-shirts and tasteless novelty ties. It offers consistency throughout; as everyone is dressed the same in stylish, professional and modern corporate wear instead.
  • Confidence and Attitude – corporate clothing and cohesive branding can have a significant impact on employee confidence and attitude. When your employees are dressed in high-quality, smart and sophisticated branded clothing, they know that their behaviour could have a positive or negative effect on their employer, and are therefore far more conscious of their behaviour and attitude. Corporate wear has the power to make your employees feel intelligent, smart and sophisticated, which in turn creates a higher self-esteem and encourages overall confidence.
  • Equality and Morale – creating a dress code for your business not only creates a professional environment for all, but it also reduces internal conflict and pressure, which is something that every HR department will be grateful for. When employees are dressed in corporate wear, they not only feel part of the team, but it can also help them bond with each other without discrimination. It gives them a sense of belonging and ownership of the company that they work for.
  • Increased Productivity – while corporate wear has the power to make the workplace more professional, it also has the power to improve productivity. Studies have proven that employees dressed in corporate wear have a far greater sense of commitment and loyalty towards their company and each other. They not only feel good about themselves, but it also encourages them to work harder and achieve higher. Gratified and happy employees are much more productive and this will foster a healthier corporate image throughout the company.
  • Saves Employees Money – not everyone can afford to have a stylish and elegant collection of work attire. In fact, in today’s economy, shopping for smart work attire is a luxury that not everyone can afford after paying their monthly bills. With corporate wear, everyone looks the same, so nobody feels inferior because they cannot keep up with all of the latest fashion trends. The bottom line is that you will be helping your employees put their money to better use.


Suppliers of Your Corporate Clothing


Not only does corporate wear garner a positive and professional image and brand, but if done well, can also look extremely sophisticated – boosting employee and client confidence. With all the benefits mentioned above there really is little reason to not consider corporate clothing in your next marketing budget discussion. On top of making the very wise decision to increase brand awareness through clothing, you also need to consider a branding and corporate clothing supplier in Cape Town that has the knowledge, experience and trustworthiness to deliver branded products of the highest standards. Sporting Images is a premier clothing and gifting company based in Cape Town that supplies high-quality and long-lasting durable corporate wear. The team at Sporting Images values their reputation, and can offer you in-house branding, quality, efficiency, on-time delivery and excellent customer service.


Sporting Images has years of experiencing in the corporate clothing and gifting industry and has helped companies not only build their image and status, but also achieve brand awareness, superior customer service and equality in the workplace. If you want to take your business and brand to the next level then you need to speak to Sporting Images who can provide you with a complete and professional branded clothing portfolio.


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